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12/24/12 - No Cause for Engineering Malpractice
Akhtar v. Casey & Keller: A Morris County jury found on Nov. 8 that a Livingston engineering fi

Collection Matters

If you need assistance collecting an unpaid debit or are being sued and wish to contest a collection case, Cimino and Filippone can help. We offer services for a wide variety of collection matters on behalf of business and commercial enterprises as well as consumers.

In all cases we conduct a complete review of our client’s collection matter and—without judgment—devise an appropriate collection plan or defense strategy.  In addition, we regularly offer legal guidance on ways to prevent future debt collection problems. By choosing Cimino and Filippone—attorneys with solid knowledge of the area’s collection laws and techniques—individuals and organizations can limit their liability and increase their chances for a successful outcome.

We represent creditors and debtors in a wide variety of personal and commercial collection matters including:

  • The sale of goods
  • Liens
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Unpaid loans
  • Repossessions
  • Deficiency matters
  • Disputes between contractors and homeowners, purchase of consumer goods, service contracts, any other agreement which may give rise to an unpaid obligation

Should you require legal services related to any collection matter, contact the offices of Cimino and Filippne at 732-203-0060 to begin resolving your case.